About Us

The Hallmark Electric Story

In 1972, father and son, Harold and David Rasmussen had a dream of starting their own electric company.

When choosing a name for this new company, they thought very carefully about what this name would mean and what it would stand for. After some time, they thought of the word "Hallmark" which by definition means " a mark indicating quality or excellence." This, they said, is what we want our company to stand for.

Hallmark Electric was then born and over time, David's three brothers: Dennis, Philip, & Larry joined the company. Later, in 1987, Larry's son Erik also joined the company to continue the family tradition of 3 generations of electricians.

To this day we have held Harold and David's vision for quality and excellence in our workmanship and service.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be your electrical contractor.


The Hallmark Electric Family